Notes from the Director

“Notes from the Director”

From Shakespeare to Broadway to McLaughlin….

The shows, the music the excitement of renovations are all a part of the school year at McLaughlin. Students in all of the arts departments are actively engaged in creating newness as year seven starts to move to a close. End of the year concerts and shows fill the calendar as well as auditions for the new year in the Arts Academy.
Arts_TrumpetReading, writing, math and science are a major part of a middle school student’s day, but to also go to dance, drama, art or music to explore or specialize in an art is what McLaughlin is all about! More than 90% of our student body is involved in one or more arts classes during their eight period day. But of those students about 250 are in majors involving them in two or more classes in their arts discipline.

Mclaughlin, an “Arts Achieve!” Model School exhibits exemplary arts programs, outstanding talent, and strong community connections for the years of 2011-2014. As this school year draws to a close and we begin to make preparation for the Fall of 2014 there promises to be more new and exciting programs working hand-in-hand with the Arts Academy. Watch and listen for more announcements of Usher’s New Look program and the prestigious Rock and Roll Academy from Telluride, CO as they begin new classes for students at McLaughlin.

McLaughlin Middle Fine Arts Academy

800 S. 4th Street
Lake Wales, FL 33853
School Hours:
8:55 - 4:00


Donna Drisdom
Assistant Principal:
Julie Fisher
Assistant Principal:
Billy Dee Washington