2014-2015 School Public Accountability Report is now available!!!!

A copy of the 2014-2015 School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) is available here and in our Parent Involvement Notebook in the front office.

McPhoenix Newsletter

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“Orphans in Candyland”

posterini-524234341404 The town of Candyland is in trouble!  Samuel Pure, chocolate baron and benefactor to  the community, has passed on.  His great mansion has been converted into a  orphanage  and is being run by his daughter, Priscilla.  But his chocolate factory was  willed to  Priscilla’s evil sister, Serpentina, who is producing inferior candy and ruining  the entire  town!  In her greed, she even schemes to take over the Pure mansion and throw the  orphans (Emma Nems, Orietta Cookie, Baby Ruth and Chocolat Hart) into the  cold.

Child Safety / Prevention

The most common preventable ways babies and young children die are from drowning, preventable crib death, and being left with caretakers that have anger management issues and are not suited to caring for a child.  In the past three years in Polk County, we have had 36 children die due to unsafe sleep (17) or drowning (18).  Each year, these deaths account for more than 50% of all childhood deaths, both preventable and non-preventable.  This is very eye opening.

DCF has a great brochure for preventing the three most common causes of preventable childhood death:  water safety, safe sleep, and controlling emotions/anger in caretakers. You will find in the following attachments ways in which can help in preventing such disasters from taking place.
Childhood Fatality Prevention.English
Childhood Fatality Prevention.Spanish
Summer Safety Tips English

Registration for 2016-2017 Fine Arts Academy / Audition Information

The following .pdf links contain registration information for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Please fill out the packet of information and return to the front office.
Return Date Info:
Fine Arts Audition Packet – January 8, 2016
6th – 8th Grade Registration – April 29, 2016

McLaughlin Audition Packet Information 2016-17
McLaughlin 6th Grade Registration 2016-17
McLaughlin 7th Grade Registration 2016-17
McLaughlin 8th Grade Registration 2016-17

Bullying Information

The American Medical Association has determined that bullying is a public-health issue with short and long term consequences for everyone involved. Click here to access the district website for the most current information, resources, and reporting procedures.

PCSB Information

Employment Opportunities / Nondiscrimination Statement – District Information